Arnhem hydrogen refuelling station fully operational

The hydrogen refuelling station in Arnhem operated by Total under the PitPoint brand now also features a 700-bar dispenser unit for passenger vehicles. Thanks to this new addition, both dispenser units at the hydrogen station can now be used for refuelling.

The 350-bar dispenser, which became operational in September 2018, is typically used for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and refuse collection trucks, however, it can also be used to refuel passenger vehicles. From now on, passenger cars will be able to refuel at a higher pressure, carry more fuel, and achieve greater driving range. The hydrogen refuelling station is open 24/7 and has pay-at-the-pump terminals that accept bank cards, Travelcards and MTCs (multitank cards).

Implementation Phase

Oskar Voorsmit, Business Development Manager Hydrogen at Total's worldwide competence centre for gas mobility, is pleased with the opening of the 700-bar dispenser, but stresses that the station is still in the implementation phase. “The station is a work in progress. That said, hydrogen drivers can refuel without any problems. Many drivers have already found their way to the station in Arnhem and I want to thank everyone for their confidence in us.”

Comprehensive Network

The station is part of the H2Nodes project that is underway in Estonia, Latvia, and the Netherlands. The project is financed with of a contribution of €14,503,000 by the Connecting European Facility (CEF), topped up with additional funding from the DKTI scheme, a Dutch government programme that supports projects involving sustainable transport. The Dutch government aims to have 20 hydrogen refuelling stations operational in the Netherlands by 2020.

The construction of the new station in Arnhem is therefore an important step towards creating a comprehensive network of publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations in the Netherlands.


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