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The Riga City Council is taking steps to address the challenges of both decarbonisation and lowering of air pollution arising from transport in and around the city. Part of this is the development of hydrogen as transport fuel, with a Hydrogen technologies advisory board established since September 2013.

Within H2Nodes, public transport operator “Rīgas satiksme” in the Latvian capital has introduced hydrogen fuel cell range extenders in its unified electric trolleybus system. This pilot of the innovative concept of ‘HyTrolley’ trolleybuses provides greater flexibility in the transport system, less noise, zero tailpipe emission s and better energy efficiency.

Address of the HRS site: Vienības gatve 6, Rīga, Latvia.

Using hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders enables the trolleybus system to increase its reach beyond the current network and provides resilience and flexibility against electricity grid blackouts. Replacing the diesel range extenders currently in use will greatly reduce emissions, whilst providing the same level of operational flexibility. The 10 ‘HyTrolley’ trolleybuses are in daily operation in Riga and are the first vehicles of this type worldwide. Real-life tests of the innovative technology on urban trolleybus networks can act as a blueprint for other trolleybus cities across the North Sea-Baltic Core Network Corridor and on a wider scale.

“Rīgas satiksme” has also deployed an HRS with the capacity to support the trolleybuses, as well as the wider development of hydrogen FCEVs in the future in the region. The HRS is the first in any of the Baltic states and is strategically located to act as a hydrogen transport hub for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Riga is a key node in the core road network corridor as well as on the comprehensive network for Airports and Seaports.

Find more information at www.rigassatiksme.lv




HRS specifications


Capacity: 300 kg/day

Dispensing pressure: 350 / 700 bar

Source of hydrogen: Steam Methane Reformation

Public access: Yes

Payment method: Credit card

Arnhem HRS



Trolleybus specifications Solaris Trollino 18,75H2


Hydrogen tank capacity: 19 kg

Refuelling pressure: 350 bar

Range: 100km total (FC range extender)

Trolleybus route: 4

Operator: Rīgas Satiksme

Solaris Trollino


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